The LIGWA FF-4000 mixer is made and manufactured in England by Formula Sound. There are 2 formats, the original and a custom version made for LIGWA with 5 outputs, 2 stereo and 3 mono which can be used in conjuntion with LIGWA M62/M42 Loudspeaker Management Controllers.

To realise the full potential of loudspeaker systems it is of vital importance that everything in the signal path is of equivalent quality to the loudspeakers.

Choosing to work with an inadequate mixer can fatally impair the performance of a system and even some of the most used models actually sound terrible.

The FF-4000 is essentially a five channel mixer. Four of these channels are laid out to the left of the master section and the fifth is a dedicated microphone channel labelled ‘Console Mic’ positioned to the right of the master section.

Full specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) (Exc. Knobs & connectors): 312mm x 350mm x 110mm (12.25" (7U) x 13.78" x 4.33")
Maximum output level Main output, Zone output and Booth monitors output active balanced +22dBu
Frequency Response E.Q. set flat 20Hz - 20KHz +/-0.5dB
Distortion < 0.01% typically <0.005%
Gain Stereo inputs rear trim @ max +/- 15dB
Stereo inputs rear trim @ min + 0dB -20dB
Microphone input max + 75db
Microphone input min + 0dB
Maximum input level Stereo input A (RIAA) -8dBV 400mV
Stereo input B +20dBV
Microphone +4 dBV
measured 20Hz-20kHz
Stereo inputs e.q. flat gain set to max EIN < -98dB
RIAA stage ref. 5mV 1kHz Input shorted -80dBV “A” weighted
Microphone input (ref 150R) EIN < -124dBU
Input Impedances Stereo input A > 47k ohms
Stereo input B > 10k ohms
Microphone input > 2k ohms active balanced
Equalisation 3 band e.q. per channel +5dB -23 dB @
Treble 10kHz
Mid 1kHz,
Bass 100Hz
Power Supply Mains: 3 pin IEC
AC Power Input 220-240V or 110-120V